About – Alaska Home Pack

For The Love of The Sea:

A Family Owned Business

WHAT IS A HOME PACK? Alaska’s commercial fishing families enjoy bringing home a portion of their catch to share with their friends and families throughout the year; their home pack. Luckily, you don’t have to crew aboard an Alaska commercial fishing boat to enjoy the freshest seafood available.

Alaska Home Pack delivers convenience and quality, by bringing Alaska’s bounty straight to your doorstep. We’ve been catching, buying and processing seafood in Alaska for 20 years and are experts in quality. We buy only the best, treat it with care, and send you the highest quality seafood each month. From our Alaska hands to your doorstep – we know every one of our fisherman by name; they are like family to us. All of our seafood is processed on-site, at our facility on the water’s edge. We are proud to offer authentic and traceable premium wild Alaska seafood that you can rely on.

MEET THE ERICKSON FAMILY: Mike and Bonnie, their son Jim and his wife Kristie.

The family-owned business began as a hobby with the family selling their catch of shrimp and halibut out of a roadside stand to friends and neighbors in 1996. Fast forward to today: the Erickson have grown their company into a global supplier of premium Alaska seafood products. The roadside stand has been replaced with a 10,000-square foot state-of-the-art seafood processing facility that handles over 10 million pounds of seafood per year, employing 150 employees in the peak of the summer season.

Now, the Ericksons have created Alaska Home Pack to connect seafood lovers all over the country with premium seafood throughout the year, directly from a trusted source.