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Thai Peanut Salmon Cakes

Fish is a very versatile protein.  This salmon cake recipe alludes to the Thai cuisine with the garlic-ginger-soy sauce-peanut combo.  Thai cuisine is really flavorful and that is why we latched on the idea of creating a Thai inspired salmon cake.  Of course Thai food utilized a lot of seafood so our product do well […]


Greek / Mediterranean Salmon Cakes

Do you agree that Greek food is pretty flavorful?  We think so, too.  That is why this salmon cake was developed, to capture all those flavors in a little cake.  This cake isn’t heavy and contains a lot of vegetables so it stays really moist.     You can use these and make a sandwich […]


Mexican Style Salmon Cakes

We at Alaska Home Pack are hoping for the world to see how versatile burger meat can be.   Enter in these Mexican style salmon cakes.  These are really great on their own, as well as in between two piece of bread, or chunked up in a taco.     First you will need the […]

Garlic Infused Seared Scallops

If you are like regular people, you hesitate a bit when you enter the unknown.  Things like skydiving, ice climbing, tightrope, scuba diving, etc can give you reason to hesitate.  Scallops.  Preparing scallops can be one of those unknowns.  But really, cooking seared scallops should not be a hesitation.  Can we tell you they are […]


Italian Salmon Cakes

Do you believe at love at first bite?  We think you will with these Salmon cakes.  If you know someone who has an aversion to seafood they may very well make an exception here.   The combination of garlic, basil, Parmesan, and sun-dried tomatoes make this a fantastic party in your mouth.   Here is […]


Buffalo Blue Cheese Salmon Cakes

So we at Alaska Home Pack wanted to take salmon cakes to another level.   These aren’t for the weak of palate.   This is for the ones who love the classic buffalo wings dipped in blue cheese, only here, no dipping sauce needed.     When your home pack comes, you may look at […]

Halibut Tacos with Cilantro Lime Sauce

Halibut is great to use in your tacos.   They carry the spices and flavors along very well.   Here is what you need to get started: Halibut juice of 1 med lime 2 TBS olive oil 1 TBS Old Bay seasoning 1 tsp chili powder 1/2 tsp cumin 1 lb halibut bits (pictured below) […]

Greek Stuffed Salmon with Tzatziki Sauce

Salmon is a great fish rich in omega-3 and has a clean distinct flavor of its’ own.  Greek food is flavorful with diverse components.  Put the two together and you have a great flavor marriage for your taste buds.   It is so light refreshing with Greek vegetables stuffed in between.   Here is what […]