What’s in the Box

Our Catch

September Home Pack
(Start Shipping September 6th)

4 lbs Wild Alaska Dungeness Crab
2 lbs Wild Alaska King Salmon portions
2 lbs Wild Alaska Pacific Cod portions
2 lbs Wild Alaska Halibut burger
1 lbs Wild Alaska Smoked Black Cod

October Home Pack
(Start Shipping October 4th)

2 lbs Wild Alaska Tanner Crab
2 lbs Wild Alaska Coho Salmon portions
1 lb Wild Alaska Black Cod portions
1 lb Wild Alaska Halibut portions
2 lbs Wild Alaska Salmon Burger
1.25 lbs Wild Alaska Scallops

November Home Pack
(Start Shipping November 1st, No Shipments November 23rd & 24th )

1.5 lbs Wild Alaska Halibut portions
4 lbs Wild Alaska Dungeness Crab
3 lbs Wild Alaska Grey Cod portions
2 lbs Wild Alaska Salmon Burger
1 lb Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon Dip

(Box Contents are subject to change)

WE ONLY CARRY ALL-NATURAL, wild Alaska seafood from the best-managed fisheries on the planet. We operate year-round, which affords you access to a wide variety of premium, fresh seafood when it is in season. Flash freezing the seafood ensures its quality is maintained at the peak of freshness as your home pack it makes its way to your door. All of our seafood is processed at our dockside facility in Juneau, Alaska.

All of our seafood is dry, which means that none of our seafood has been treated with sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP).

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The largest and most prized variety of the five species of wild Alaska salmon, king salmon offers a rich flavor, buttery texture and succulent flavor. Harvested year-round in Southeast Alaska, it is perfect for the grill, broiled in the oven or seared in a hot pan.
Sockeye are the second-most abundant species of wild Alaska salmon, and are known for their vibrant red flesh and deep, rich flavor. Sockeye’s firm texture and medium flake are perfect for grilling, broiling, sautéing, roasting, poaching, steaming, and smoking.
There is no substitute for premium wild Alaska King Crab. This exquisite delicacy arrives as cleaned and precooked legs in the executive cut – which is cut right after the first knuckle – where most of the famed meat is located. King crab is remarkably simple to prepare: the huge veins of succulent meat can be gently heated and served with drawn butter either in or out of the shell, or as an indulgent ingredient in a number of show-stopping main courses.
With its firm texture, large flake and flavor reminiscent of the sea, it’s no wonder that rockfish has long been coveted by generations of fishermen. Rockfish’s firm texture holds up to grilling, or a quick broil in the oven and is a delight for seafood lovers to discover. Alaskans know rockfish make the best fish tacos.
This sweet and flavorful crab elevates any seafood feast as the main dish, or folded into a variety of salads, appetizers or entrees. The tender meat flakes easily from the bright orange shell. Drizzle with your favorite flavored oils and roast in a hot oven for an elegant and quick meal. The roasted shells serve as an excellent base for fish stock!
This tasty white fish is high in protein but low in calories and fat, a perfect choice for a healthy diet. Known for its versatility in a wide variety of cooking methods, try Pacific cod in place of chicken in your favorite recipe. You can’t go wrong tossing cod in your favorite batter for show-stopping fish and chips.
Alaska’s scallops are the largest available, and have a sweet, mild flavor. The tender buttery meat cooks up beautifully seared in a hot pan or grilled on skewers with a tangy fruit salsa.
It is no wonder Alaska black cod is a coveted favorite of foodies around the world, thanks to one of the highest omega-3 oil content of virtually any fish in the sea. The snow-white fillets melt in your mouth and remain succulent every time thanks to its high oil content. This is a fish to be savored with loved ones, or to wow your dinner guests.
Iconic Alaska halibut is revered the world over as much for its size (some weighing over 300 pounds!) as for its sweet, mild flavor and distinct flake. The quintessential whitefish pairs beautifully with a wide range of flavor profiles, and tastes delicious whether grilled, poached or roasted, or bathed in robust marinates or creamy sauces.
Alaska tanner (Bairdi) crab’s unique briny-sweet flavor, tender texture and impressive meat yield is sure to delight seafood lovers everywhere. Naturally low in fat and calories, and high in protein, it is extremely versatile for use in a variety of different recipes. All crab is pre-cooked to ensure the highest quality. To warm, just steam, sauté, broil, grill or roast for a few minutes to heat through. Serve atop salads, folded into lemony herb-dressed pastas, or simply with drawn butter or dipping sauces. ORDER HERE
Wild coho salmon is the second largest of the five wild Alaska salmon species, with an average weight of 12 pounds! Our boneless portions are 4 to 6 ounces each, enough for a generous individual serving, and arrive with their skin on for added flavor and to retain moisture while cooking. (Many fish lovers believe the salmon skin is the tastiest part, especially when served crispy!) Coho is known for its firm texture, rosy-orange flesh and delicate flavor, and is ideal for grilling, smoking or curing at home.
Add versatility to your kitchen with our house coho salmon ground burger meat. Skinless and boneless coho salmon meat (and nothing else!) is ground and flash frozen in one-pound vacuum-sealed pouches. Use it as you would ground beef or turkey for a light twist on dinner; it’s ideal for forming into your favorite salmon cakes, sautéed with veggies for a quick stir fry, or stirred into hearty chowders for a delicious and healthy boost. Also called salmon tenderloin or spoon meat, it allows us to recover every delicious morsel from the salmon frames that pass though our facility.
Take a walk on the wild side with our specially-made wild Alaska halibut burger meat. The ground halibut arrives in one-pound vacuum-sealed pouches. Halibut’s hearty texture and mild flavor are the perfect canvas for a wide range of flavor treatments. Form it into patties and grill as a light and exquisite alternative to beef burgers, quickly sear it and dress atop a bed of warm quinoa and roasted veggies for a power lunch, or fold into scrambled eggs for a post-workout protein boost.
These 1-inch morsels of wild Alaska halibut are cut from the frames after the fillets are removed, allowing for full utilization of the fish. They are a busy foodie’s dream: ready in a flash when nestled into a warm tomato-based sauce, or replacing chicken in a fragrant weeknight curry.
Our house smoked salmon dip is made with all natural ingredients and contains no additives or preservatives. Our recipes uses smoked salmon from our facility and features the traditional mix of cream cheese, all-natural mayonnaise, scallions and spices. Arriving frozen in 16-ounce tray sealed with modified atmosphere packaging, it can be served as an elegant appetizer with crudité or crackers for dipping. Or start your morning off right by spreading our smoked salmon dip a warm toasted bagel.
The eggs or roe of wild Alaska keta (or chum) salmon are a prized delicacy all over the world. Called “ikura” in Japan, the delicate roe is expertly harvested from female salmon and processed locally in our facility using state of the art equipment and time-honored method of curing it briefly in a salt and water solution. These glistening ruby orbs add intrigue and a pop of briny ocean flavor to omelets, served atop steaming rice, inside homemade sushi, or can be enjoyed straight from the jar. ORDER HERE
Medium-sized with an exceptional sweet flavor and tender meat, wild caught sidestripe shrimp arrive in frozen five-pound bags. These beauties are delicious atop salads, in a scampi, or briefly steamed/boiled and served with lemon and butter.
Our larger spot prawns arrive with the shell and head in tact for maximum flavor. They are individually frozen then packaged in one-pound bags. These plump cold water prawns deliver big flavor whether lightly charred on the grill and folded into tacos, broiled in the oven with herbs, or simply stir fried in a hot pan with your favorite noodles and a light sauce.