What’s in the Box

Our Catch

July Home Pack
(Start Shipping July 5th )

1.25 lbs Alaska Weathervane Scallops
2.5 lb King Salmon Portions
2.5 lb Black Cod Portions
1 lb Salmon burger
1 lb Smoked Salmon Dip

August Home Pack
(Start Shipping August 1st)

2 lb Tanner Crab Sections
2 lb Coho Portions
3 lb Halibut Portions
1 lb Salmon burger
.5 lb Smoked Black Cod

(Box Contents are subject to change. We Ship Monday-Wednesday)

WE ONLY CARRY ALL-NATURAL, wild Alaska seafood from the best-managed fisheries on the planet. We operate year-round, which affords you access to a wide variety of premium, fresh seafood when it is in season. Flash freezing the seafood ensures its quality is maintained at the peak of freshness as your home pack it makes its way to your door. All of our seafood is processed at our dockside facility in Juneau, Alaska.

All of our seafood is dry, which means that none of our seafood has been treated with sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP).