Below covers some common questions about our products and shipping. If you don't find the answer you were looking for please don't hesitate to reach out to us at
The SEPTEMBER HOME PACK boxes contain the below wild Alaskan Seafood.

2 lbs King Salmon
2 lbs Black Cod
4 lbs Dungeness
1.5lbs Rock Fish Portions

2.5 lbs King Salmon
3 lbs Black Cod
1 lb Coho meat
2.5 lbs Rock Fish Portions

1 lb King Salmon
1.5 lbs Black Cod
1 lb Coho meat
1.5 lbs Rock Fish Portions

Contents are subject to change due to the seasonal nature of our product. We are happy to make accommodations or swaps, please reach out to for special requests.
Yes You can! All subscriptions default to Free FedEx 2-day shipping. If you would like to pay for expedited shipping, you can find the request link in your confirmation email. Once you fill out the short form, please give us to update your Subscription. *Expedited shipping is only available for Subscription Items.

After we update your shipping setting, unless otherwise communicated by you, the price and shipping option chosen on the shipping update link will automatically be applied to all subscriptions renewals moving forward.

Expedited Shipping Options

1) FedEx Standard Overnight (+$20)
2) FedEx Priority Overnight (+40)

If you would like to change your shipping setting again for any reason, please reach out via email to

We ship all our boxes with 1.5” insulation and multiple gel packs to withstand the trip to your doorstep.

Our goal is to get the best seafood to everyone any way possible.

If you do not see EXACTLY what you want, we are happy to swap items, modify boxes, or create custom boxes upon request. You can learn more and send a request here.

You can pause or skip your subscription at any time. Either log on to your account to pause the next shipment or email us at and we will update your next order. OR if you really like someone, switch the shipping address to a friend’s or family’s – share the wealth!

After emptying your box, the foam insulation is fully biodegradable. It can be dissolved underwater, mixed into dirt, or thrown away in the curbside Food&Yard waste bin. The outer film, outer cardboard, and any plastic liners are curbside recyclable.

If you’d like to learn more about the biodegradable foam insulation check out their website

Your fish will stay good for 7 days in the fridge after it has been thawed.
Yes, you can gift Home Packs simultaneously while ordering your own. Best way to do this is by placing two separate orders whether it is a subscription or just a one-time order. It can all be done under one account, but two orders will allow for seamless recognition of where each box should be shipped.
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