Our Commitment:

SOURCING Only Sustainable

100% ALASKAN. 100% WILD. All our seafood is caught in Alaska waters. Alaska's wild and abundant fisheries have long been recognized as the global gold standard in sustainable, responsible fisheries management. All seafood from Alaska is wild; fish farming is prohibited here. Alaska is the only state in the nation with sustainable fisheries mandated directly in our Constitution. You can read more about Alaska's fishery management here. Read more about specific actions Alaska Home Pack is taking to reduce its footprint below.

PRESERVING A WAY OF LIFE. By purchasing from Alaska Home Pack, you are not only supporting a family business but also sustaining a whole fishing community, which includes independent fishing families, many of whom have made their living from the sea for generations. Think of it as supporting local, shipping nationally.

CLEAN ENERGY. Our seafood processing facility, and indeed all power in Juneau, is supplied by clean hydropower, which is a renewable power source with a scant carbon footprint.

ZERO WASTE. We like to say that there is no bad part of a fish! We recover 98% of the seafood by weight that goes through our door. Products such as our ground coho salmon burger and halibut bits allow us to reach near-full utilization from every fish that we process. The remaining organic materials (with the exception of crab shells) are sold to pet food producers.

RECYCLING MADE EASY. As we look to all aspects of our company to operate responsibly, even our shipping boxes play a part. Every box includes a prepaid FedEx label addressed to the nearest Styrofoam recycling facility. Once your seafood is unpacked, simply affix the prepaid shipping label on the empty Styrofoam container and drop it at the nearest FedEx location. There are over 20,000 locations available nationwide where it will be shipped to a recycling center.

TRACEABILITY. Because all our seafood is purchased, processed, packed, and shipped by us (or in the case of scallops caught and processed and then sold to us by a trusted partner), you can have 100% confidence that you KNOW where your seafood came from. This is sustainable, wild-caught, processed in the USA.

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